June 17, 03:30 PM - 04:30 PM CEST

Quality assessment and control of AI in journalism

Hosted by: Grimme-Institut and Grimme-Forschungskolleg

This session examines the quality of AI-supported journalistic work from two mutually enriching perspectives. The session opens with a look at current issues of control, responsibility, and compensation from a legal perspective; including legal standards and their control through the media, copyright law, and effective regulatory strategies in journalism. Moving on to a view on quality assessment, we will examine insights and projections for the future in times of increasing machine-generated content in an algorithmic culture. The Grimme Online Award for outstanding, journalistic quality online offerings will serve as an example here.

The Grimme-Institut has been analyzing and shaping topics and discourses on media quality, culture and education for over 50 years. The focus is on the independent quality awards: the Grimme Fernsehpreis for exemplary television and the Grimme Online Award for outstanding quality online content, as well as the jury work for the Deutscher Radiopreis.

The Grimme-Forschungskolleg (Grimme Research College) is an interdisciplinary interface organisation founded by the Grimme-Institut and the University of Cologne. It deals with current issues of digital communication cultures and societal change processes in an observational, researching and mediating manner. More than 50 joint projects and events have been at the centre of its work since 2015.